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RPCC members will be at the corner of Aragon and Marlowe Saturday from 1-2 pm with SDPD pledge forms and decals for the Community Pace Car Program.

As part of the program, SDPD will have traffic officers in our community regularly for the next year to monitor speeding and other traffic violations.

By taking the pledge and displaying the decal on your car, you encourage other drivers to do the same. When you drive the speed limit, you set the pace for other cars behind you.

Can’t make it Saturday? We will be in the community every week for the next few months. You can also take the pledge online at our website (http://rolandopark.org/cause/ready-to-take-the-pace-car-pledge/) and we’ll deliver a decal to you within a few days. Or you can also get your decal at our monthly Rolando Park Community Council meetings.

The more residents that take the pledge and drive the speed limit in our community, the more successful it will be. Pace car communities make streets safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers.

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