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Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey for the Rolando Park Elementary Joint Use Park Amenity Survey.

View a summary of the survey results at the following link:


The survey results were shared at the Chollas Lake Parks and Recreation Council meeting on June 27 with the board and city planners. The Rec Council will vote at their July meeting and we will keep you posted here on the progress of the park.

Many respondents asked for restrooms at the joint use park, but the school district does not provide restroom facilities for the public.

Many other respondents asked if an off-leash dog park could be included. Unfortunately, the school district will not allow it. Dogs will not be prohibited at the joint use park, but must be on-leash. But according to the area manager for the City of San Diego Park & Recreation Department, two off-leash dog parks are being considered in the near future that are close to Rolando Park. Again, as soon as we have more information, we will post here.

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