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On September 14, an information meeting was held at Rolando Park Elementary School to provide parents and the community with preliminary information on the proposed joint use park to be built at the school.


A formal public input meeting will be held sometime this winter (date still to be determined, but in the next three months) at Colina Del Sol Rec Center (5319 Orange Avenue, 92115). This website and Rolando Park Nextdoor will provide the date when the meeting is scheduled and a mailer will also go out to all residents well in advance of the date so that all who are interested can consider attending.

On the aerial map of RPE, please note:

  • Phase 1, Turf Field, 2.0 acres is the area where the proposed joint use park will be built.
  • Phase 2 Turf Field, 2.55 acres is not a part of this project and remains unfunded at this stage.

Please see the following documents for more information about the proposed park:



The FAQs cover general concerns voiced on this project such as hours of operation, security, lighting, and synthetic turf vs. grass and will be useful for the upcoming meeting for public input.

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