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Four new four way stop intersections in Rolando Park were the result of collaboration between several City groups and caring neighbors.  After participating in the Law Enforcement Walk in Rolando Park, SDPD and Councilmember Myrtle Cole’s office were supportive of a traffic study on some of our busy neighborhood streets.  As a result of the study a four way stop was placed at Vista Grande and Racine.

Neighbors who wanted additional stops signs on Aragon Drive expressed their concerns.  The Rolando Park Community Council (RPCC) communicated with the City’s Traffic Division which referred them to the Eastern Area Communities Planning Committee (EACPC).  At the request of the RPCC President, Doug and Bethany Doyen drafted a letter requesting additional four way stops.  The letter was presented to the EACPC which scheduled an agenda item on the issue.  Several neighbors attended the meeting and spoke in favor of the additional signs.  An approval letter went forward from the EACPC to Ms. Cole’s office.  From there the final approval came from the City and a successful collaborative campaign to increase safety resulted in four way stops at Aragon and Celia Vista, Marlowe and Waite.

This was a perfect example of neighbors, organized through the RPCC, and City groups working together for the betterment of Rolando Park.

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