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Update January 11, 2016:

At the RPCC meeting the representative from Councilmember Cole’s office assured us the goat trail sidewalk is funded for design.

Original Post July 2015:

The area along College Avenue from College Grove Drive to Frwy 94, often nicknamed “the goat trail”, has been considered a safety issue for pedestrians for some time. In 2010 RPCC members chose installation of sidewalks on this stretch of College Avenue as a priority. Volunteers cleaning up trash for Lean and Clean have noted the dangerous situation. In July of 2015, after a word from a concerned neighbor, Betty White contacted the office of Councilmember Myrtle Cole about this sidewalk need.  Here is the initial response:

Betty, I will check to see if this sidewalk installation is on the list and if so, when it will be funded. If not on the City’s list, we will put it on our new sidewalks for funding list.

 Within 10 days we received this update:

New sidewalks for this location have been added to the “Needs” list. I am awaiting a response from staff as to when funding will be available to begin the process of constructing the new sidewalk.

RPCC is pleased with this prompt response letting us know the sidewalk request has been added to the official “Needs” list and will continue to monitor this issue and update as new information is provided.

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