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Update 5/30/17: Rolando Park Community Council was awarded a 2018 SBEP Grant to be used for our Banner Project. Board members Gerrie Flaven and Lynn Edwards applied for the grant in March as a first step in revitalizing the Rolando Park section of University Ave. Our application was written specifically to obtain funding for a banner district for our community along the business corridor of University. Check our website as details become available, but we expect to have banners up before the end of the year.

Update 11/16/2015: Our grant proposal, written by Lynn Edwards, RPCC Treasurer, has been submitted.  If funding is granted we will be working on design. We are also working with the office of Councilmember Myrtle Cole to have our borders along University and College avenues declared a banner district.

Update 10/12/2015: We are currently looking into writing a grant proposal for partial funding of this project with a Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant from the office of the County Board of Supervisors.  We are also planning the exact placement, number, size and design of street banners.

Have you noticed the sharp looking Oak Park banners on College Avenue, or the seasonal BOO Parade banners on El Cajon Blvd in Rolando?

Rolando Park would like to brand our neighborhood by producing banners to place along University and College Avenues in Rolando Park.

We are in conversation with Councilmember Cole’s office regarding the project and the support we can get from the City as well as residents of Oak Park who were involved in getting the banners for their neighborhood.

Stay tuned for updates!

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