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Helping Rolando Park neighbors keep an eye out for a safe productive community.

Rolando Park neighbors came together to replace our dated Neighborhood Watch signs.

A Rolando Park-specific template was designed by neighbors and created with local sign company CSI Signs. The sign identifies Rolando Park’s name and the SDPD non-emergency phone number.

Signs were sponsored and installed by volunteer neighbors in locations around the community.

A big thank you!

Thank you to our neighbors Paige and Shawnamarie Livingston-Coatney, Fred and Heather Erwin, Audrey Ledesma, Sonia Lang, and Lynn Edwards for spearheading this project!

We also thank ALL of our wonderful Rolando Park neighbors who sponsored signs and made this project a true success!


The project has reached its completion but here is the information if you want to pay for an install and additional sign.

Everything You Need to Know About Ordering and Installing a Neighborhood Watch Sign

Who to contact to order a sign:

Neighborhood Watch signs and sign hardware approved by the SDPD can be obtained from CSI Signs at (858) 277-3858. They are located at 7450 Ronson Rd., San Diego 92111. Ask for the Rolando Park template.

If you are sponsoring a sign through RPCC to obtain the tax deduction contact RPCC before placing an order. After arrangements have been made with RPCC, use your credit card when placing the order with CSI Signs. The card will not be run. Provide a check to RPCC for the total cost of the sign, hardware etc., anything you are purchasing through CSI Signs. RPCC will provide a check made out to CSI Signs, to pay for the sign. Signs are generally ready for pick up 5 days after the order is placed.

Where to install the sign:

The signs can be installed with permission on private property or utility poles, with perforated metal tape [stainless steel straps below] on City street light poles, or at least 7 feet above the grade level on City street signs. They cannot be installed on any traffic control sign or City tree. After installation the exposed bolt threads should be crimped to prevent theft of the sign.

CSI prices are:

18×24 sign – $43

Graffiti proofing – $9

Strap on Brackets (2) – $7

Pole Straps [stainless steel straps] – $6


U-Channel Brackets (2) – $14.50 for smaller pole

$19.50 for bigger pole (most likely what the older NW signs are on)

Each sign is $56.16 (w/tax). This does not include mounting hardware (purchased separately), take down, or installation. You can save on shipping & handling by picking up the order. A sign including the hardware is anywhere from $58-$71.50 depending on the type of hardware needed.

You also have the option of purchasing installation hardware elsewhere, or when replacing an existing sign, if possible, using the existing hardware from the old sign.

PAYPAL | Pay $13 RPCC Dues