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Rolando Park Community Signs

In 2014 a team of nine neighbors, led by Gerrie Flaven, applied for a grant from The San Diego Foundation.  This grant was funded with monies from the Ariel W Coggeshall Discretionary fund.  Members of Gerrie’s team were Ben Bell, Gwen Cook, Kathryn Kern, Page and ShawnaMarie Livingston-Coatney, Stephanie Roche, Gail Stevens and Betty White. SDFoun

The grant funded portable banner     signs which publicize the Rolando Park  Community Council (RPCC), a microphone, publishing of the Rolando Park Reporter, two special event meetings with musical entertainment, expenses associated with creating a new website, and more, all with the  purpose of increasing interest and  participation in the RPCC.   Pictured above are Betty White, Rick Sims (grant advisor), Gerrie Flaven, Kathryn Kern and ShawnaMarie Livingston Coatney.

Neighbors enjoyed musical performances from the Kroc Kids Junior Theater at the Special November 2014 meeting and a jazz quartet performing Jazz – An American Art Form in conjunction with Young Audiences and KSDS Jazz 88.3 at the grant funded April 2015 meeting.

Volunteer neighbors display the wonderful banner signs in their yards, encouraging others to get involved.

Rolando Park Community Signs

Gail Stevens and Ben Bell present the new banner signs.


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