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Rolando Park Community Council February Meeting

Date: 2/13/17
Time: 7 p.m.
Place: The Community Room at the Kroc Center (Administration Building F at the east end of the campus), not at Rolando Park Elementary School

If you are interested in preserving the single-family home character of our community, please attend this meeting for a special presentation on the Mini-Dorm Ordinance. The City Council passed the ordinance on January 24, 2017. However, none of the Eastern Area communities, including Rolando Park, are included in the ordinance. As a result, Rolando Park and other Eastern Area communities are now more likely to be targeted by mini-dorm developers.

We will need community support to have Rolando Park and the other Eastern Area communities included in this ordinance.

If you already understand the need for the Mini-Dorm Ordinance or want to learn more about it, please attend this meeting!

We welcome residents of the surrounding Eastern Area communities (Rolando, El Cerrito, Redwood Village, Oak Park, and Webster) to attend.

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