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Rolando Park Community Council Members toured the Pure Water San Diego facility. The UTC plant is open for public tours guided by a Pure Water liaison and plant engineer. Any interested RP neighbors can join a future pre-scheduled tour using the contact information below.


Pure Water program highlights:

  • 85%: Amount of water SD currently imports from Northern California and the Colorado River
  • $1,200: Imported water cost per acre-foot as of 2016 (increased from $400/acre-foot in 2000)
  • 2035: Year that Pure Water will produce 1/3 of SD’s total water through water purification technology
  • 83: A total production of 83 million gallons per day is to be achieved by 2035

To get to a 1/3 production, Pure Water will have a 2-phase approach:

  • Phase 1: Output 30 million gallons per day by 2021 via 1 location (North City)
  • Phase 2: Output 53 million gallons per day by 2035 via 2-3 locations (North City, Central Area and South Bay as needed)

More about Pure Water San Diego:


Visual Pure Water Overview:



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