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The City of San Diego will be upgrading the sewer & water system servicing your community in the Summer 2015. The old and deteriorated sewer & water mains will be replaced with new materials that are far more resistant to deterioration, breaks, and blockages. A location map illustrating the project area is enclosed with this notice. Important information regarding this project: • Project Name – Sewer & AC Water Group 1006 • Construction Schedule – This project wiU occur in various stages throughout your community between July 2015 and December 2015 • Normal Construction Days & Hours – Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 3.30 pm •

Construction Notices – The City’s contractor will deliver a door hanger with the approximate date that construction will begin on your street. You will also receive notice of any future planned intenuptions to your sewer lateral or water service.

Street Access and Parking – Construction crews will allow access to residences; street parking restrictions may be implemented.

Temporary Water Service – During construction, water service to some properties may be provided by a 2- inch highline pipe that will run along the curb. Prior notice will be provided to these impacted residents.

Street Resurfacing – The streets where trenching takes place will be resurfaced after all of the sewer & water mains in this contract have been completed and accepted.

Questions or Concerns – For project-specific questions, contact the Public Works Department at (619) 533-4207, or by e-mail at engineering@sandiego.gov.

Click on the PDF document for copies of the notice and a map of the streets involved.

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