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Rolando Park Through The Years


Although the Rolando Park area was part of the land purchased for development in 1926 by the initial Rolando developers, the New University Syndicate, it did not see any building until after World War II.



In 1928 the Rolando developers offered their land holdings south of University Avenue (the future Rolando Park) to the State College for its new site—it lost out to Alphonso Bell’s offer at Montezuma Mesa. Its eastern neighbor Vista La Mesa dates its original subdivision to 1928.



The Rolando Village Company, under its new name, the Lincoln Homes Company, along with local contractor/developer Chris Cosgrove began development of the area in 1949.

The Rolando Park tract homes were entry-level homes constructed quickly to meet the significant demand for homes in rapidly growing Post-War San Diego.

“Celia” Vista Drive is named for developer Chris Cosgrove’s wife.

Waite Drive is named for the pioneer Lemon Grove farming family.

Rolando Park San Diego



1950s and 1960s

Rolando Park’s Park Vista and Conrad Terrace tracks were some of the first development projects of Martin Gleich’s American Housing Guild Company, what would become the largest San Diego-based development company in the 1950s and early 1960s.

The 1950s brought school district, infrastructure, and annexation concerns. Rolando Park Elementary, opened in 1951, was sold to the San Diego School District in 1955 after the residents of the former unincorporated area of Rolando Park voted to join the City of San Diego instead of La Mesa and were annexed into the City in 1954 along with sister community Rolando.

Rolando Park San Diego History


San Diego hosts the 1984 Olympic Torch Run whose path went straight through Rolando Park on University Avenue.

Rolando Park Olympic Torch Run



The Salvation Army’s Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center opened to the public in 2002.



Historical Subdivisions Established


1949-1951  |  ROLANDO PARK UNITS 1-4
1950-1951  |  COSGROVE HEIGHTS ANNEX 1-2
1952  |  PARK VISTA
1952  |  PARK VISTA UNIT 2
1953-1954  |  CONRAD TERRACE UNIT 1-2


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