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Rolando Park Top 10 Ways to Get Involved

Whether you like meeting with City Officials, getting your hands dirty in the open air or marketing to local businesses you are sure to find a Rolando Park project that’s right for you!

Have more questions or ready to get involved? Contact RPCC2003@Gmail.com.

#10: Get the word out and host a RPCC Sign in your yard.

Our new Rolando Park Community Council yard signs help inform neighbors of our neighborhood Council and increase traffic to our local meetings.


#9: Take pen to paper helping RPCC win grants to fund neighborhood projects.

Grants are a fundamental way for RPCC to raise thousands of dollars to help fund improvements around Rolando Park.


#8: Show your love for the outdoors at the Zena Canyon Clean-Up.

In conjunction with I Love A Clean San Diego, once a quarter on a weekend morning you can join the Canyon Clean-Up group to keep our Zena Canyon looking good!


#7: Spread the news delivering the Rolando Park Reporter to Neighbors.

Deliver our quarterly Rolando Park Reporter newsletter to neighbors by car or foot. We couldn’t spread the news without the help of our trusty RPR delivery volunteers.


#6: Tidy up our neighborhood alongside the Lean & Clean Group.

Want to keep Rolando Park looking spiffy? Join the Lean & Clean Group to tidy up neighborhood open spaces, yards and streets.


#5: Recruit your favorite local businesses with the University Avenue Improvement Group.

Help us improve our local business district by joining our University Avenue Improvement Group, recruiting a local business or giving RPCC ideas.


#4: Lend a skill for projects that need a specific touch.

RPCC is always looking for local talent! Have a special trade or skill that could improve an RPCC project? Le us know. Volunteer time and hands make us go round.


#3: Become an official RPCC Member by contributing $12/household in RPCC Dues!

For just $12/year and household you can become an official RPCC Member and contribute to the success of our annual budget and programs!


#2: Become a Rolando Park Community Council Board Member.

Be at the front lines of representing our Neighbors’ interests and ensuring positive changes happen in Rolando Park every year. RPCC Board Positions are flexible based on the time commitment you can give.


#1: Spread Rolando Park cheer to your neighbors.

Smile. Lend a hand. Watch out for one another. Enjoy each other and our beautiful community!

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