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Candidates for the 2017 RPCC Board were announced at the October 10 RPCC meeting. Voting will take place at the November 14 meeting. The new Board will begin serving January 1, 2017.


President:  Sonia Lang and Lynn Edwards (sharing the position and one vote on the Board)

Sonia was our 2016 Vice President and took over the President position when it became vacant in April, 2016.  She has done a good job leading the monthly meetings with sensitivity to speakers and time limitations.  Lynn has been our Treasurer for the last two years and has organized record keeping for that position.  For the last year, she has edited and published The Rolando Park Reporter and updated our website.  She led efforts to obtain donations to purchase new Neighborhood Watch signs and solicit volunteers to install them.

Vice President:  Kathryn Kern and Gerrie Flaven (sharing the position and one vote on the Board)

Kathryn Kern and Gerrie Flaven worked together on the 2014-15 San Diego Foundation grant awarded to RPCC.  Kathryn is a 2016 Board Member-At-Large and is the Rolando Park Lead on Nextdoor.  She initiated the idea of RPCC Pop-ups (sidewalk table) to encourage neighbors to join the RPCC or to keep them informed of important issues.  Gerrie has taken the lead on the RPCC Nominations Committee for the last three years and has helped establish a relationship between the Kroc Center and RPCC.

Secretary:  Judy Fleischman

Judy Fleischman is our current Secretary and will continue in this position for 2017.  She is our liaison with the Rolando Park Elementary School and has updated us on the Joint Use Park project with the school district and the City.  She obtained two separate grants from Walmart to benefit the RPCC and our community:  a grant to cover the cost of the ice cream social at the June 2016 meeting and a grant in the amount of $1,000.

Treasurer:  Audrey Ledesma and Debbi Blake (sharing the position and one vote on the Board)

Audrey Ledesma and Debbi Blake have each been prior Board members.  Audrey initiated the monthly volunteer Lean and Clean project to clean the southwest area of Rolando Park and Zena Canyon plus help neighbors unable to take care of their front yards. Debbi is also taking on responsibility for the rolandopark.org website.

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